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genderevolution's Journal

Evolving Gender, or is it a Revolution?
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is gender purely physical, or is it all in your head?
do you define your sexuality or does it define you?
are gender and sexuality related?
does gender or sexuality REALLY influence how we live our lives?

this is a place to discuss the mental, physical, and scientific issues concerning gender, sexuality and people. share your two cents, post articles, engage in discussions.

We welcome everyone, and encourage discussion and debate. there are a few rules here and they must be followed at all times. failure to follow the rules will result in permanent banning.

#1: BE NICE. or at least civil. we realize that these issues are something not everyone will agree on, but we must stress that no personal attacks and sheer ignorance will be tolerated. this is not a place for hate.

#2: Stay on topic. we don't really care about your new rating community or your grandma's apple pie recipe (though you are encouraged to send the said pie over to your friendly mods). Off-topic posts will be deleted and repeast offenders will be banned. if you have a relevant community that you want to advertise here, let one of the mods know first, and if we decide that it is appropriate, you can make the post.

your friendly mods are rocketsareneat and wicked_davey. All questions, concerns, and desserts should be addressed to them.